Scruffy's Word is another opportunity to introduce the characters of Scruffy & Pals.
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OH...one more thing, we are the feature cartoon in the UNIVERSAL GOLF MAGAZINE

New Pot Belly Stove Story about two pre-school cowboys on an adventure to.....

This pot belly stove-tale was widely talked about and it is a tale that I can personally vouch for as being the truth.

The small town in which I grew up was, as is the case in most small towns, a very close knit community. Not much went on that went unnoticed whether it was the sour note hit my Miss Mattie on the piano during Sunday morning church services, or news that Aunt Bess' new store-bought shoes were hurting her buninons so bad, she had to slit the sides for some relief, or that Fred Harper's old dog, Champ, died after being chewed up by a disgruntled raccoon. Everyone was kept well informed through the gossip grapevine that had its roots right there in the pot belly stove.

To read the "A Quick Trip to Grandma's" click here. It is a story about two young "cowboys" riding their horses on a wild five minute adventure.

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