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Of all the great golfers, Ben Hogan’s swing and his ball striking have been the most illusive to mimic. When Dave Hamilton called to ask if I would write a review of his book, my first impression was…”Oh boy...another Ben Hogan How-To Book.”

Countless words have been meticulously placed on endless pages about Hogan and his ball striking. The most famous is Mr. Hogan’s first book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf published in the 1950’s.

But, V.J. Trolio’s and co-author Dave Hamilton’s book is different...this is not just another “Hogan” book! As soon as I opened the book and read the first chapter, it was obvious that V.J. and Dave were on to something no one else has detected in the “Great Hogan’s” swing. Most times the solution to a puzzle is so obvious it is easily overlooked and so subtle it is nearly impossible to detect.

After hours of watching videos of Hogan’s swing and applying geometry, math and physics, V.J. and Dave discovered the subtle yet obvious single move Hogan never revealed in any of his books. Now, the puzzle is complete. This book is a must read for any golfer who wants to put the final piece in their puzzle of becoming a better ball striker.

About the authors: V.J. Trolio is Class A member of the PGA and a teaching professional at Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point Mississippi. He played college golf at USM. As a pro, he struggled until he added the missing piece to his own golf swing. He won the 2007 Mississippi Open (Farm Bureau Invitational) He is the co-inventor of the Putting Arc® along with Dave Hamilton. Dave is holds a degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University and has seven golf-related patents, including the Putting Arc® and the putting robot, Iron Archie™. V.J. and Dave are the co-developers of The Putting Arc, a revolutionary putting training aid.

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