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THE GOLF SPACE...The Best Golf Networking Site on The Web!

If you are looking for a place on the web that is all about golf…TheGolfSpace (TGS) is it. Tony Korologos, the brains behind TGS says “It’s the MYSPACE of Golf without the strippers.” Coming up on its second year, TGS now has over 3100 members from all around the globe…all of them are golfers from every walk of life.

If you Google golf, you get 551,000,000 results, which far ahead of any other sport in the world. 1.6 million...that is how many visitors TGS has had since it was launched and the numbers just keep climbing. Tony’s idea is to provide a free place on the web where golfers can network, meet and have conversations with others who share in their passion.

Members of TGS are given their own URL address…(mine is www.thegolfspace.com/Scruffy) where they can build a personal golf profile, post their favorite golf photos, videos, and write blogs about their golf. Members join in discussions on just about every subject in golf in the forums or they can communicate through private messages or chat with other members.

The game tracker gives members a free place where they can post their scores, give reviews of their favorite courses. Up to date golf news is just a click away and members are encouraged to contribute articles and reviews.

Tony is a golf fanatic, who plays in a rock band, loves heavy metal music and is a self proclaimed computer geek. Besides TGS, he authors one of the top ranked golf blogs on the Internet…Hooked On Golf Blog (HOG) where he writes about golf and life in that order. Another of Tony's sites is The Golf Server, offers web hosting/design.

Tony tests various golf products for companies all around the world and posts his reviews on TGS and HOG. Members of TGS who own a golf business are encouraged to promote their companies…a separate section in the members profile is devoted to business. I have met and done business with several TGS members…it is truly a golf business friendly site.

TheGolfSpace…check it out…make it your “home course” on the web!

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