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Here you will meet me,
and my pals and learn about our personalities as we give humorous and sometimes serious tips, opinions and commentary on various golfing subjects and product reviews. I hope you will enjoy your visit....be sure to take your time and look around. I have carefully selected a lot of stuff that I think you will be interested in.
OH...one more thing, we are the feature cartoon in the UNIVERSAL GOLF MAGAZINE

New Partnership

Folks, I have enteredinto a partnership with some pals that have a really neat name. A name that Knothead can certainly relate to. Golf Between the Ears has a DVD training program that will help even the likes of Knothead drive the ball longer and straighter. If it can help him, just imagine how it can help you!

I encourage you to go and take a look for yourself. Click Here

Who's Goin'a be a Hero at the Celtic Manor Resort Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is always a highlight in golf for me and the pals. Dr. Sal is not too happy with Captian Pavin for giving in to the pressurers of the media and sponsors and picking Tiger. Tiger has never, and will probably not this series, contribute anything except attention and hype. Lately this seems all he is capable of doing. Dr. said he cannot go with Tiger, so he is putting his money on Zach Johnson.

Both the US and European teams are heavy with strong talent. The pals and I were sitting around with a few beers the other evening yapping about who we though would be the hero this year. Hoss and I favor Jim Furyk, Knothead likes Matt Kuchar, Crash likes Dustin Johnson, Looper thinks Buba Watson will play well, Fr. O'Mulligan said he is praying for Tiger. Not sure if he is pray'n for him to play well or someting else! Count is a big fan of Cink [imagine that], Sarge is rootn for Steve Stricker and wishes Flower would get a dang hair cut and quit wearing his dadblamed hat down over his danged ears!

Niles is root'n for the European guys...we made him buy another round of drinks. Buggsey likes Phil Mickelson, if he can keep the ball in play. Uncle Jess did not know there was a Ryder Cup, but picked Hunter Mahan because he reckoned with a name like Hunter he had to be good...we made him buy two rounds. Sweet Swingin Ray said he picks Jeff Overton. Since he just joined the pals, we told him we thought he should order a couple of pizzas. He said he would if someone else would carry them...claims it is hard to carry stuff with a Calloway Driver for an arm.

We hope ya'll enjoy the Ryder Cup; we know we will.

Ryder Cup's "Cavin Pavin" Captian

Ryder Cup Captain Cory Pavin's pick of Tiger disappoints me, but does not surprise me. It seems pretty obvious that since he [Tiger], was caught using his putter in places where he was not a member, has been drifting along spending the capital of his past achievement to stay in the media's and sponsor's spotlight. His play of late, certainly does not reflect Ryder Cup standards and when it comes to honor and character he is bankrupt.

Corey's pick cheapens the Ryder Cup and slaps the face of those who hold character and honor as being the mortar that bonds the game of golf together. What possible asset does Tiger bring to the Ryder Cup other than playing the equivalent roll of a two headed cow at a state fair used to attract customers. The "T" in Tiger certainly does not imply "team".

Perhaps Corey is banking on Tigers aura of intimidation as the asset he brings to the team. If Tiger still emits an aura, its reach is no longer than the length of his putter. Was Corey was under tremendous pressure from those who stand to profit from the commercial side of The Ryder Cup and he caved?

In my view the answer is an obvious yes.

Sweet Swingin Ray

Let me introduce you to Scruffy's newest pal. A few months ago, I wrote an article about the Georgia State Amputee Golf Association's annual golf tournament, called The Ray Rice Memorial State Amputee Golf Tournament. Writing that article opened my eyes to a level of human strength that is beyond most of our abilities to comprehend.

I learned that many of the amputee's who play golf were not golfers prior to becoming an amputee. They became golfers because golf is an excellent tool for rehab. There is something about trying to master the game of golf that draws most of us and challenges our inner self to the point we care little about anything else but mastering the danged game. It is that mystical quality of golf that helps amputees focus on something that challenges them beyond the obvious "now what am I going to do" that must seep into one's inner core when faced with not having a limb.

I was asked to draw a amputee character to be auctioned off at their annual golf tournament held the first weekend after the 4th of July. The grandson of Ray Rice, the founder of the tournament (deceased) bought the original drawing and the name selected for the character was "Sweet Swingin Ray". Scruffy and all the pals are honored to have Sweet Swingin Ray as their new pal. You will be reading more about him in the near future.

Crash Featured In Cartoon

As most of you regular visitors know, my cartoons are featured in Universal Golf magazine. If you have not already signed up for your free subscription, what are you waiting for? Here is this months Scruffy & Pals cartoon featuring Crash. Crash only plays golf because he can drive...and it is not his golf club...he thinks getting to the 19th hole is the objective of golf. Enjoy!

A book review of Josh Karp's Straight Down The Middle

Me, Hoss, Scruffy and Father “O” were enjoying a few beers the other day after giving Hoss all our money. We were rehashing all of my bad shots and Hoss’s good shots when Scruffy brought up this book he has been reading by Josh Karp called Straight Down the Middle: Shivas Irons, Bagger Vance, and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Golf Swing

Scruffy said it is a great book about learning how to play golf, not work golf; and that I should read it, it might help me. Hoss, made some sort of comment about I might as well add it to the hundreds of other books I have in my library on the subject of golf and how to tame the “golf devils” and make peace with the “golf gods”. Fr. “O” just looked at me with his loving piercing Irish eyes as if he could see into my soul and said…I hope you can find what it is you are looking for Knothead.

Well, I got a copy and read it and here is my review…

In Josh Karp’s “Straight Down The Middle”, he mentions he loves effortlessness, I immediately fell in love with this guy. But, there is no lack of effort in his adventurous journey to discover the illusive feeling that can only be felt when the club head makes a precision perfect impact to an un-expecting, but willing, golf ball which simultaneously emits an intimate orgasmic reverberation from the club head through the shaft to the hands and into the golfing soul. If one can capture and domesticate the illusive “perfect” swing it would make playing golf “like a bowl of cherries.”

Josh is a lovable hack who you would happily welcome in your foursome. His knack for writing along with his determination that, in some hidden corner of the earth lives a spiritual guru inflicted by a golf addiction, who has been anointed by the golfing gods, and has discovered the formula that will quiet the demonic voices within and sooth his boggey laden soul.

“Straight Down The Middle” is his humorous, descriptive and fascinating chronicle of his odyssey to find the Zen zone and master it. It is a fun easy read and once you start the first chapter, you quickly realize Josh is just like most of us who think there is a single handicap golfer living someplace deep within us…we just have to reach a level of Zen that will release the reluctant captive from it’s eternal bondage.

I highly recommend you read Straight Down The Middle, it will enlighten you, entertain you, encourage you and educate you; leaving you to decide if it is life or golf that is “like a bowl of cherries”. Click on the link below to get your copy.

The Golf Space's 4th Birthday!

If you have not visited The Golf Space it is time you did! The Golf Space has over 5,000 members and gets over 1,000,000 hits per month. It is strictly about golf and nothing else and has become the fastest growing and best golf related networking website on the Internet. I have made a lot of friends and good business contacts on TGS. If you have a golf business or if you just love being around other golfers...TGS is the place you need to be.

Go over and have a look...and see for yourself!

Scruffy's Word Hits Top 20 Golf Blogs

After years of yapping about golf stuff, the pals and I are glad to see someone has recognized us. We have hit the top 20 in Golf Blog rankings on Wikio.com. OK...I know, you are probably thinking who the heck is Wikio.com.

Well, they are an information portal...sort of like a super highway on the internet that takes you to more information than you can shake a golf club at. Their search engine scans the Internet seeking news, blogs, press releases on every subject under the sun. Golf happens to be one subject they are interested in and Scruffy's Word got their attention.

Not only is Wikio.com a search engine, you can do all sorts of neat stuff on their site...like create pages to follow breaking news that interests you, vote on articles and blogs. You can even personalize your own page and publish articles so other folks can read them. Go over and have a look. Tell them Scruffy sent you, not that that will do you any good, but it never hurts to try.

OH yeah...about our ranking...

The Best Father's Day Gift...EVER!

For you golfers looking for that unusual gift for dad for Father's Day...here it is!

Fed X Cup

The Fed X Cup is another ho hum event. I just don't understand why Federal Express would invest so much money into something so crappy!

I just read a great article on Grouchy Golf Blog which echos my thinking...take a look. It's titled FEDEX CUP STILL SUCKS.

I have added this blog to my growing list of Golf Related Blogs.

Homes For Our Troops

Hey! Listen up you bunch of hammer swingin, finger mashing, 2X4 studetts! I got somethin to tell ya!

My pal John Gonsalves, needs your help! John is a construction supervisor up in Massachusets...now, jest 'cause he's a Yankee, don't ya'll hold that against him, 'cause what I am about to tell you makes him an honorary Southerner! Ya got that? Anyways...where was I...oh yeah, John saw a news story about a soldier that lost both his legs over in Iraq. So, ole John got to wonderin how our these American Heroes would be able to adapt their homes to their new challenges.

John didn't jest sit around on his butt thinking what a shame and hoping the government would take care of the guy...he got off his duffel bag and went to work. He started visiting veteran homes and gettin to know the soldiers who had come home without limbs and learning what they needed.

Then he went to work! I want you to get in touch with John and find out how you can help! Click on the banner below and read the complete story about Homes For Our Troops. No matter where you live, you can help!

Chicken Soup for The Soul - The Golf Book

Hello, I am Dr. Sal. As a kid when you were feeling sick, do you remember your mother or your grandmother saying…”what you need is some chicken soup to make you fell better.” And whether you agreed or not, the next thing that was jammed into your mouth was a medicinal spoonful of warm chicken soup…one parts chicken bits and eight parts chicken broth.

Fortunately, for me, I sort of liked chicken soup and seldom rejected the loving remedy. To this day when I am not feeling up to par, I can hear the gentle inner voice of my
mom saying…”eat some chicken soup, it will do you good!” And it still does.

Now chicken soup is not only good for what ails you; it can
also be good for your soul, which is what I am here to talk to you about. The other day, I got a nice email from Haydee asking if I would consider doing a review of a new book and posting it on Scruffy’s Word. Since the word golf was mentioned, I gladly accepted! A few days later, my personal copy arrived in the mail.

The folks at Chicken Soup for
the Soul have teamed up with Golf Digest to put together 101 short stories called Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Golf Book by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Max Alder. Once I started reading I could not put the book down…each story is written by folks just like you and me, who have had personal experiences that touched their golf soul or their spiritual soul [some will argue that the golf and spiritual souls are one in the same].

Each chapter is a short essay of something or someone who touched the soul of the writer. As I sat in my favorite rockin chair on my front porch, I opened the book and my eyes began absorbing the words. Almost immediately, my mind took me to into the experience and passions of the writer sharing their story and the next thing I knew, life was good!

This book is like medicine, because the next time the rigors of everyday life, or a frustrating day on the golf course gets you down…find a quite place to be comfortable and pick up this book and start your therapy. Each chapter/essay is like a spoonful of your mother’s chicken soup. No matter if you start reading, the first spoonful, “Coming Back” or the fifty-sixth spoonful “The Six Stages of Golf Grief”, or the ninety-first spoonful, “Embracing Mediocrity” Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Golf Book is good for what ails you!

Buy this book…you need this book!

Issue 7 of Universal Golf Magazine

Have you taken advantage of you free subscription to Universal Golf Magazine yet?   My pal Bobby Nicholson and his innovative and creative staff have developed a golf magazine designed for the Internet packed with videos, current articles, live links to advertisers and a heck or a lot more.

I am honored to have been asked to be UGM's exclusive cartoonist.  If for no other reason, you need to subscribe to the magazine just to see my cartoons...CLICK HERE and view this and past issues.  There is a subscription form there...go ahead and sign up, Bobby will start sending each new issue to your email box monthly.  

999 Questions of The Rules of Golf

Hello, Niles here to talk about the rules of golf...it has been quite sometime since I have been asked to appear on Scruffy’s Word and on this occasion, I am quite happy to tell about my pal Barry Rhodes.  Unlike me, Barry is an enthusiastic golfer.

As you know, I dislike the silly game and have yet to strike at a ball in hopes that it will sail off into the wild blue yonder landing precisely where I hoped it would, and then upon opening my eyes realize, it in fact, landed in amongst a grove of trees.

On the other hand, much like myself, Barry is obsessed with the rules of golf.  Firstly let me say that given the fact he resides in Ireland should not be recorded in the debit column of his ledger. Barry’s obsession for the rules of golf has driven him not only nuts…it has inspired him to write a book called 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf.

It should come as no surprise that the average golfer gives up several strokes per year merely because they do not possess  sufficient understanding of the Rules of Golf. 
999 Questions is a fun and easy way to learn them.... Barry has come up with a way of explaining rules situations that will not only entertain the reader...it will educate him or her and help make them a better golfer.

I highly recommend your purchase a copy for yourself and one for your golfing pal, it makes an excellent gift. I assure you that it will pay for itself in the first few months after reading it. Keep a copy in the grill room at your Club...in fact purchase two or three...they will get worn out from use.

Barry has promised me he will send you a personally autographed copy of his new hit book.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to visit his site and send him an email.  Be sure to tell him Niles sent you.


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Divot Tool/Key Ring

Scruffy knows how danged particular I am about knuckle dragging fat heads that won't fix a gull darned divot if their mother's honor depended on it...so when he was asked to do a review on this little gadget, he gave me a call.

I gotta tell ya...this is the first divot tool key ring I have ever seen and I bet you haven't seen one either. If you own a business or if you direct a charity golfing event and you're lookin for something out of the ordinary to give to your clients or supporters, this is the perfect gadget. 

Take a look at this photo and you will see exactly where your logo can be.
Every time your customer goes to fix a divot, [his or some other meat head made and did not fix] they will be reminded of your company or event! Plus you will be making me happy, because I get about as angry as a bull at the color of red when I see a dang divot left by some thoughtless hack who has no respect for the golf course or other golfers!

So here's what I need for you to do.  Go over to my pals over at Forte Promotions and ask them to set you up with your promotional Divot Tool/Key Ring with your company's or charity's logo.  They are good people and will be happy t0o help ya.  You will also be doing your part in helping those knuckle dragging meat head never fix a divot hacks break their nasty habit! 

NOW GET GOING!   Don't make me have to tell you twice!  

Knothead's Product Reviews

It's me again...Knothead.

Scruffy told me he had been asked to do product reviews for some golf stuff. He knows how I like anything new or different that has anything to do with golf, so he asked if I would mind doing the reviews. I said “are you kidding…heck yes, bring them on!”

So he hooked me up with my new best friend...Teresa. She’s a marketing specialist who, among other things, offers a line of golf related promotional products. I got in touch with Teresa and she shipped me a package with some really neat stuff to test.

Now, first thing I ya’ll to understand is that these items are not designed just for functionality, they are also perfect for promoting your business or charity, because each item has space where your logo and slogan can be imprinted too. How neat is that?

When I open the package, the first thing I looked at is the one I am going to do my first review on.

As you can see this The Golfers Caddy will hook real easy on your golf bag using the little mountain climbers clippie thing. Now here a couple of things I like about the caddy. I don't know about you but I hate putting my hand in my pocket to get my ball marker and gouge my danged finger with the sharp end of a gosh darned tee...ya know what I mean? Well on the back of The Caddy is a little mesh pocket where you can carry you tees...no more gouging!

The next thing is if you play like I do, you loose a few balls during a round, and have to go to you bag...unzip a couple of pockets trying to find out which one you keep your golf balls in and by the time you find them, your pals are yelling at you to hurry up! Well take a look at the bottom of The Caddy...see that ball peaking out? Well instead of having to unzip a dozen pockets on your golf bag to find a dang ball, all you have to do is squeeze the bottom of The Caddy and out pops a ball!

I live in the south...and it gets pretty danged hot down here in the summer, which means we tend to sweat a lot, at least I do. I hate trying to keep my score on a sweat soaked score card I have been carrying in my hip pocket. Bingo! The Caddy has a easy to access pocket right in front where you can keep your score card dry!

Ya gotta take a look at The Golfer's Caddy...especially if you are a company or a charity group who's looking for something different as a "golfers gift" at you next golf outing. Here's what I want you to do...CLICK HERE and go over to Forte Promo's place and get yourself one of these! I'll tell Teresa to keep an eye out for ya.

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Pure Ball Striker

Hey there...this is Knothead!  I haven't been doing much around here, mainly because I haven't been seeing too many training aids since Short Game Solution's "The Golf Ring" that really tickled my fancy. Now, you folks who know me, know that I spend a lot of money...A LOT OF MONEY on any dang thing I can find that I think will improve my game and help me take some bucks from Hoss.

The other night I got a call from Jeff Evans.  He introduced himself saying he was referred to me by my pal Partick who is the marketing genius behing The Golf Ring.  Patrick told Jeff I was pretty interested in new stuff and new ideas that will help my game so he figured he might as well get to know me.  

Anyway, let me tell you something...Jeff's simple little carry in your pocket gadget will change your life!  No crap!  Stick the Pure Ball Striker on your the shaft of your club and it will force you to strike the ball pure! Like The Golf Ring, Pure Ball Striker is so danged simple it's kinda scary.  

Watch this video, and give my pal Jeff a call, he will fix you up with your very own personal Pure Ball Striker, and you will start taking money from your pals too!  

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