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Buggsey's Tip

Commitment and Desire

There is not much in life you can accomplish without desire. The dictionary describes desire as “a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment”. I can't think of anything that could be bring more enjoyment or satisfaction than to have a good golf game!

But, desire alone is not enough to have a good golf game. You must also commit to whatever it takes to satisfy that longing or craving. You have to commit yourself to learning, practicing and executing the things that can lead to the satisfaction and enjoyment of kicking your pal’s butts on the golf courses.

To become a better golfer, you've gotta learn the basic fundamental and mechanics of the golf swing. To do that, find a PGA Teaching Pro; spend a few bucks for lessons; one on one. Then commit yourself to spending the necessary time on the practice range to engrain what you have learned into your muscle memory.

Comittment is also important on the course. Before every shot, you're gona have to make a lot of decisions; what's your lie like, what's your stance like, what's the distance, what's the wind, where are the danger areas to avoid, where do you want to land your ball, how will it react in the preferred landing zone, what club should you use, and who knows what else. Once you have made up your mind, picked your club, and visualized your shot, you must to commit to the shot.

If you don’t commit to your shot, chances are you'll have a lousy shot. So remember, without desire you won’t accomplish much. Without commitment you probably won’t satisfy your desires.

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