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New York Black Flags NASCAR

NASCAR's Staten Island hopes are put back in the trailer.

Hi there, my name is Crash. I know Scruffy’s Word is mostly about golf but, since I am one of Scruffy’s golfing pals who also happens to be a NASCAR fan, I asked Scruffy for some space on his blog.

Since 2004, the
International Speedway Corp., the owners of NASCAR, have been looking at Staten Island as a future site for a new speedway. Millions of bucks ($150 million) have been invested buying 636 acres of land, doing feasibility studies on environmental concerns and logistical challenges to build an 0.8 mile track to attract 80,000 holler’in money spending redneck want-a-be’s onto the island.

I reckon the uppity ups on
Staten Island decided they weren’t going have a bunch of “red necks” coming into town with their pick ups and invade their space, so they got the NY City Council to “black flag” the ISC’s project. It was a monumental victory for the people of Staten Island; a council spokesman said “After all was said and done, NASCAR was simply an inappropriate fit for Satan Island”

Lesa France Kennedy’s, president of ISC, whose granddaddy, William France Sr., founded
NASCAR said ISC is not giving up the New York market, but for now the project is being “loaded back into the trailer.” (That's my quote, not Lesa's).

Anyway, NY is going to have to wait for NASCAR, but perhaps Seattle won’t have to wait too long, because NASCAR and ISC has chosen a 950 acre site north of Seattle across the Puget Sound in Kitspa County. ISC owns 11 major tracks around the country and remains committed to the pursuit of motorsports entertainment.

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