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Buggsey's New Assistant Pro.

Hi folks! I am Buggsey, the head pro at Scruffy & Pals.

I have been looking around for a good assistant pro to help me with giving lessons as well as in the shop making custom clubs and repairing golf clubs.

A couple of weeks ago, a guy came into the pro shop to sign up for a round of golf. We got to talking and I learned he is a member of the (USGTF) United States Golf Teachers Federation, the (PCS) Pro Clubmakers Society and the (GCA) Golf Clubmakers Assosciaton. Plus, he is entering the program to earn his PGA membership which he hopes to have his certificate a couple of years.

I felt like I had just made an eagle!

I made him an offer, and by golly he accepted. By the way, the character Babbs, represents a real guy, named Mike who lives in Ohio (USA). He is in real life, all that I have described above.

So, let me introduce you to Babbs, my new assistant. He is a little clean cut compared to the rest of the pals, but he is going to fit right in….he might even help Knothead with his game!

Here's Babbs!

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