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Thanks Mr. Buggsey!

Wow...I just went in for a round of golf and got a job!!! How about that!

Buggsey is a great guy, and I am honored to become a member of Scruffy & Pals! I will be giving new tips and personal instruction here every couple of weeks. Plus, if you are looking for custom made clubs or have a club that needs repair, I can help you.

This week lesson is putting.

The putter is the one club in your bag that is used more than any other. I mean, just think about it….if you putt in regulation, you are going to use the putter 36 times in an eighteen hole round. So, it makes a lot of sense to become as proficient as you can with your putter.

A Putting Stroke That Works!

Here are my 5 basic thoughts on improving you putting stroke:

1. Find a flat, straight, uphill putt at your local practice green, or purchase a putting matt no less than 6ft.

2. Start putting, experimenting with how you hold the club, how you stand, where the ball is in your stance etc.

3. Putt! Putt until you find a stroke that is consistently making putts from 6ft.

4. From there, think about getting fit to this new found stroke for a putter that is pleasing to your eye and feels natural to you in your hands.

5. That’s it! By the time you start making most of your straight, uphill 6 footers, your putting stroke will not only be grooved, but you will have a great understanding to what goes into it that way you can correct any hiccups or glitches in it much faster than before.

Learn the feel for speed after you are comfortable with your stroke!

From here you are ready to make more putts! Nobody can teach feel for the speed of the greens, and no two people read a break the same way. It is only when you have found a comfortable stroke that you know is staying online that you can begin to learn how to start playing putts that are not always straight.

Mark your ball with a line for feed back!

A good tool to double check that not only are your putts rolling straight, but pure as well are those alignment spin devices you see at stores. Simply but your ball in the cup, draw a line around the ball with a Sharpie and you will instantly be able to see weather you putt is also rolling true, or if there is a wobble, or deflection in it once the ball is struck.

Learn how to keep your putter face square to the ball.

Here is a really neat little invention that will help you with squaring up your putter face with the ball and your intended line. It is the Laz-Aligner. Simply stick the “L” shaped mirror on the end of your putter head, set the Laz-Aligner down about 3” to 4” in front of your putter so the laser light can reflect off of the little mirror. The Las-Aligner has three lines in the green viewing window through which you will see a small red dot. Practice your putting stroke while keeping the red dot on the center line. This will train you to keep your putter square to the ball at impact.

This tip has worked on countless students I have taught. Scruffy and his pals practice this during the winter months. Knothead owns one of the Laz-Aligners, and has convinced Hoss to get one too.

One-on-One Help with Tips and Insctruction

If you have any questions about this putting tip or any future tip or instruction, contact me at Babbs' HOT LINE and I will be happy to give you one on one instruction via email.

Be sure to bookmark Scruffy’s Word, because I will be here giving new tips, instruction and club consultations every two weeks. Mr. Scruffy has also given me some space on his website, so you have two places to catch my lessons.

Thanks and remember….”practice is the key to a better golf game…but knowing how to practice makes the difference between a golfer or a floger.”


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