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Niles' List of Must Reads


For those of you to whom I have not been properly introduced, Niles is my name. Having spent my career as a butler, I have never played a round of golf in my life; but, my former employer was quite the golfer and, through necessity, I familiarized myself with the proper rules of play as well as the history of the sport. I simply love books, particularly golf books!

Scruffy and I have been doing some work on the blog, and he has asked me to go over a few of the changes we have made. First of all, you will notice we have added Scruffy's Book Store over there on the right side. Scruffy and I have hand picked books we think you will especially enjoy under the title "Niles List of Must Reads".

Confessions of a Sandbagger
by J.J. Gowland
The Morris Men
by Stephen Mitchell

I am featuring two novels, the first is "Confessions of a Sandbagger" by our pal, J.J. Gowland, which is a very humorous and well thought out tale about a character not too unlike Hoss, who has been tossed into the pond on the 3 par #17 fairway. As he slowly sinks into the depths of his sandbagging mortality, he is compelled to confess shameless antics.....as he peaks out among the pond Lilies, he feebly attempts to dodge his many victims as they play their usual Saturday morning matches.....I will leave it there. Be sure to secure your copy and add it to your library of golf books.

The second featured novel is by our pal Stephen Mitchell who has authored a brilliant book called The Morris Men, a gripping mystery novel woven around the game of golf. "For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose the last hole?" anon 1908, sets up the mood for this entertaining mystery. If you have a love for golf and enjoy a good mystery, this is a must read!

Royce Aube, Golf-Aholic

If you fancy a lively tune with a catchy lyrics, then I highly recommend you purchase Royce Aube's "I Love Golf" CD which is filled with golf songs for the sandbagger and the true lovers of golf. You can preview all of Royce's songs on his website, and purchase your copy while you are there. I assure you, once you have listened to my pal Royce's catchy tunes, you will be humming and whistling your way around the golf course.

Scruffy and I invite you to purchase a copy of your favorite books from my must read list.

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