Scruffy's Word is another opportunity to introduce the characters of Scruffy & Pals.
Here you will meet me,
and my pals and learn about our personalities as we give humorous and sometimes serious tips, opinions and commentary on various golfing subjects and product reviews. I hope you will enjoy your visit....be sure to take your time and look around. I have carefully selected a lot of stuff that I think you will be interested in.
OH...one more thing, we are the feature cartoon in the UNIVERSAL GOLF MAGAZINE

Equipment & Accessories

Most of ya know who I am, but for those of you who have not met me, I am Knothead, the the guy Scruffy has told you about...I'm his pal that has to have the latest golf gadget, clubs, training aids and anything else I think will help me improve my game. I asked Scruffy if he would let me have a little space on his blog, and he has agreed. So I want to give you a little preview of what I have done, I hope you'll like it!

Equipment & Accessories

In this section I have added a picture of our Series 1 Golf Balls featuring Scruffy, me and Hoss. These are high quality 90 compression distance golf balls that meet the USGA, PGA and R&A standards. You will never have any confusion about the identity of your golf ball if you play with Scruffy & Pals golf balls, and I warn ya, these golf balls have personality, and you might actually get emotionally attached to us. Buy a sleeve and see what I mean.

Scruffy's Golf Shop

I have personally selected golf equipment and accessories I think will be of interest to every golfer. It is not the normal things you find in most golf shops, it's a blend of interesting stuff I think every golfer would want. Go in and take a walk around....you might find something you didn't know about, so check out Scruffy's Golf Shop.


Austads is one of Scruffy & Pals affiliate companies. They are very well known in the golf community and offer just about every brand name known to golf. You can find new clubs, shoes, clothing, golf bags, balls, hats, belts, and who knows what else. If you want an easy way to buy all your golf stuff in the convenience of your home, it is just a click away.

Classic Head Covers

I am especially happy to present Kewl Tubes™ Custom Golf Club Head Covers. These custom golf club head covers with pom poms are hand-knit with acrylic yarn by my friend Diane. She'll design personal golf headcovers for you in any color or combination of colors!

Diane is bringing CLASSIC GOLF back with hand-knit pom pom golf covers. Custom designed for you with wide variety of color choices that what was not available years ago. Unlike wool headcovers that need to be dry cleaned, these Vingage Headcovers, made of acrylic can be handwashed and they are custom made to fit any clubs, including 460cc-500cc drivers and hybrids. The tube head covers are easy to slip on and off clubs, and seamless for longer wear.

Diane's goal is to provide golfers with QUALITY knit headcovers they can be proud of at an affordable cost. Remember these are Hand-Knit, she will need time to make them so, order now to assure you get yours when you want them!

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