Scruffy's Word is another opportunity to introduce the characters of Scruffy & Pals.
Here you will meet me,
and my pals and learn about our personalities as we give humorous and sometimes serious tips, opinions and commentary on various golfing subjects and product reviews. I hope you will enjoy your visit....be sure to take your time and look around. I have carefully selected a lot of stuff that I think you will be interested in.
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A Cigar from the Tinder Box

As you all know, I love to enjoy a fine cigar while playing a round of golf with my pals. My cigar smoking isn’t a habit, it’s a hobby, just like playin’ golf is a habit, urr ... I mean hobby. Anyway, there are a few basic rules of etiquette in smoking just like there are in golf ...so get your head out of your humidor and let’s get to proper cigar etiquette according to Ole' Sarge....click here

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