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HOSS POWER - Professional Long Driver

If you just look at me you can see why they call me Hoss. I have known a few other guys named Hoss, but none like the HOSS I am about to introduce to you!

Scruffy has been hanging out over at The Golf Space quite a lot lately…incidentally, if you don’t know about TGS, it is worth a click. From what Scruffy tells me, there are over 2,000 golf fanatics that network, promote their golf businesses, track their scores, give course reviews, win prizes and all sorts of stuff over there…so check it out! Tell them Hoss sent you!

Ok, let’s see where was I…Oh yeah, my new pal HOSS (Mathew “Hoss” Vilade)…he is the real deal, just listen to this; he lives in Texas, because New Jersey wasn’t big enough. He can hit a golf ball real dang hard and real dang far! Just between you and me, with a swing speed of 150 mph and a ball speed of 215 mph and all that meat…what would you expect!

Hoss holds the Remax Mesquite Grid record with a drive of 473 yards!! That’s right I said 473 yards! That is 1,419 foot long hot dogs all lined up end to end! (I got that little tidbit from Count.) He is a Professional Long Driver, a Professional Sports Entertainer, and a member of UST High Performance Driving team, an ALPHA staff player and a member of Team Power Tech, and he finished 19th overall on the 2007 LDA tour and earned a spot in the World Finals to be held in October 2007.

The best thing I like about HOSS is he has a heart bigger that he is! He coaches Special Olympics and had been highly supportive of Christ’s Haven, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Children’s Miracle Network. He is accomplished at martial arts and is the former TKD State Champion.

If you know of anyone having a fund raising or charity event and wants to add a lot of power and some exciting entertainment,
Power Tech Golf and book my pal HOSS!

From one Hoss to another…YOU DA MAN!!

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