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A few years ago, mine did. It seemed that no matter what I did, every iron shot I hit, no matter which club I used, went the same distance! I went to our Pro and asked if he could watch me “try” to hit a few balls and get me straightened out.

After a few shots, he said "tempo" and left me standing on the range pondering tempo as headed back to the club house. In a little bit, he returned with two labels that said "TEMPO". "Your tempo is all out of whack, he said...stick these on the toe of your shoes; when you look down at you feet during setup, you will be reminded to think tempo".

To my amazement, those simple labels worked…my swing returned. Those shoes still have the label on them and I am still reminded to think “tempo”.

One of the many challenges most of us golfers face is having too many swing thoughts. When we are going through our pre-shot routine we have so many thoughts rolling around in our mind by the time we strike at the ball we have no idea what the heck is going to happen!

My pal Scott Jessee is the Head Golf Professional at Turquoise Valley Golf Course in Naco, Arizona. He woke up in the middle of the night with his mind flooding with swing reminders. The thoughts were so vivid he got up, found a pad and pencil and started writing…the result is a new product that is sweeping across the golf world called Swing Reminders.

Swing Reminds are hardwood tokens about the size of a fifty-cent piece. Each token is imprinted on both sides with simple swing reminders using lazar technology that imbeds the ink to prevent wearing off. They come packed in a normal 2-ball box which contains 25 tokens…50 swing reminders.

The Pals and I use Swing Reminds and urge you to visit Scott’s website and start simplifying your game!

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Royce Aube said...

HI I'm no pro but I have two comments on loosing your swing. I live up north and have about 6 months to think about my swing with no indoor drive range to keep working on it during the winter I have come up with a practice club that I call "the sure shot swing aliner " which allows me to make a full swing in my home and see if my club is square at impact.
My self being an eighties to nineties golfer if I slice one off the tee with a big open face ,I will be changing something in next swing to get my club square at impact.So what I am saying your swing won't be gone for long if you come up with a way to have that club square at impact.

If you A game leaves you and none of you own quick fixes can get it back ,get to your Pro.

Royce Aube
Miramichi , N.B.