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I found out about GetIn2theRing’s short game solutions on The Golf Space. One of the most important parts of scoring is being able to save strokes from 50 yards in. Many of us do not like to practice short shots…we would rather pound golf balls to see how far we can make them fly.

You cannot win a golf tournament with long drives alone, you know that. Short Game Solution’s golf rings will bring excitement back to your practice time around the green. Having a visual ring defining the target zone around the pin is an excellent way to develop feel, speed and distance for those short shots that drive you nuts!

My pals Jason and Patrick have developed the solution…GetIn2theRing has helped their sons reach championship status in junior golf. Recently, Payton, Patrick’s son, was competing in a tournament and Patrick over heard several parents grumbling at their sons about how they never practice around the green. The kids grumbled back saying it was boring!

Patrick took the Golf Ring out on the practice green and put it down around one of the pins. Almost immediately the, the boys started chipping towards the ring. In a short time, they were having fun and enjoying the challenge of trying to keep their ball inside the ring.

The parents were amazed at how fast their sons picked up on the concept and how much fun they were having with one another as they practiced.

No matter your age…your short game will be more fun to practice and your score will improve if you use GetIn2theRing’s short game solutions golf rings!
PGA Teaching Professionals are learning about the rings and recommending them to their students.

The pals and I love ours, and we love competing with one another during our practice time…the rings have improved Knothead’s game, believe it or not!

We strongly recommend you get these rings and start enjoying and improving your short game.

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