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Seeitgolf ...My New Bestest Friend

Hi, this is Knothead, a few years back, I was pretty fed up with my putting, [I still am actually]…anyway, I owned every danged putter made my man and had bought and read every dad-blamed book ever published and watched every video ever produced to improve my putting. None of that crap worked!

I figured, I would have to solve the puzzle myself. So,I designed the
Zig-Zag-Ztick, the perfect [illegal] putter that assures the putter head is always square to the ball when they meet. I still could not put worth a plug nickel, ‘cause I couldn’t aim! Or, was it I could not read the blamed greens…whatever…Hoss kept taking my money!

Then, one rainy Saturday, I was fiddling around in my basement and started working on an aiming device…and came up with the “Arch Aimeny” putter. An ingenious invention if I must say so. As far as I am concerned it is the perfect putter…but, besides being illegal, the gull-darned thing is awkward to carry and I feel like folks are watching me putt, which makes me nervous and guess what…I still can’t putt!

I had given up…thinking there is no perfect way to put…especially for those of us who just cannot get a feel for the greens or read the breaks…you know…see the line. But, what do you know...low and behold along comes a break through in modern technology that is the answer to all my woes!

Danny Orr over at
Seeitgolf and his pals are my new best friends, ’cause they have developed the most effective, innovative danged putting video you have ever seen! I mean this thing ROCKS!

I reckon most of you know who
Aron Baddeley is…a hot young PGA tour player from “down under”. Well, Mr. Aron and a team of who’s who experts in the golf industry teamed up with SeeItGolf and produced a distraction-free, zone-like training environment that can be easily downloaded from your computer to your little personal media gadget.

I can’t tell you exactly how this works…you have to see it for yourself…all I can tell you is I am danged impressed and I think you will be too. It only costs about thirty bucks…so, go over and take a peek. You can download it right from their website to your computer then to your personal media thingy and take it to the practice green this afternoon!

So, what are ya waitin’ for? Hey... you can get your money back the next time you and your pals play. Just don’t tell them about it until you have thumped them for at least thirty bucks!

Thanks Danny Orr and SeeItGolf...Now I can putt!

I play golf while my Automatied Business makes me money...learn how!

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golf gloves said...

Sounds great. 30 bucks is not costly. I think I will go for it. If it can be downloaded then why not give it a try?