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Pure Ball Striker

Hey there...this is Knothead!  I haven't been doing much around here, mainly because I haven't been seeing too many training aids since Short Game Solution's "The Golf Ring" that really tickled my fancy. Now, you folks who know me, know that I spend a lot of money...A LOT OF MONEY on any dang thing I can find that I think will improve my game and help me take some bucks from Hoss.

The other night I got a call from Jeff Evans.  He introduced himself saying he was referred to me by my pal Partick who is the marketing genius behing The Golf Ring.  Patrick told Jeff I was pretty interested in new stuff and new ideas that will help my game so he figured he might as well get to know me.  

Anyway, let me tell you something...Jeff's simple little carry in your pocket gadget will change your life!  No crap!  Stick the Pure Ball Striker on your the shaft of your club and it will force you to strike the ball pure! Like The Golf Ring, Pure Ball Striker is so danged simple it's kinda scary.  

Watch this video, and give my pal Jeff a call, he will fix you up with your very own personal Pure Ball Striker, and you will start taking money from your pals too!  

Automated Business earn money while you play golf!

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Jeff Evans said...

The concept of the Pure Ball Striker is based on the universal laws that govern each of us.
We can use the laws to our advantage by understanding them and allowing them to help direct/guide us or we can fight them, resist them, and always struggle. With the PBS on your club the struggle becomes more guided. It allows you to now sense the direction of the club and hands. It’s imperative that each player has clubhead lag pressure and be able to monitor it. The PBS training device gives us, as player’s the feel of being able to Load, Store, Deliver, and Release the power needed, both for distance and accuracy.

Mr. Hogan’s makes some outstanding observations in this video! He states: “There is very little pressure on the right hand index finger and thumb”. He is very specific in what he says next “You get the pressure of the right hand from this butt pad of the index finger; going through.” That is the clubhead lag pressure point on the trigger finger that Mr. Hogan is referring to “it just follows” meaning the clubhead is following or being dragged through.

The Pure Ball Striker is a friction fit training device that allows the player to sense their unique clubhead lag pressure. This training device can be used on all clubs. It is held on with the pressure formed from the right hand butt pad of the index finger the “trigger finger.” This pressure can be heavy or light and allows the player to direct and sense their clubhead, clubshaft, and clubface from the start-up of the swing through impact and to finish.