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Knothead's Product Reviews

It's me again...Knothead.

Scruffy told me he had been asked to do product reviews for some golf stuff. He knows how I like anything new or different that has anything to do with golf, so he asked if I would mind doing the reviews. I said “are you kidding…heck yes, bring them on!”

So he hooked me up with my new best friend...Teresa. She’s a marketing specialist who, among other things, offers a line of golf related promotional products. I got in touch with Teresa and she shipped me a package with some really neat stuff to test.

Now, first thing I ya’ll to understand is that these items are not designed just for functionality, they are also perfect for promoting your business or charity, because each item has space where your logo and slogan can be imprinted too. How neat is that?

When I open the package, the first thing I looked at is the one I am going to do my first review on.

As you can see this The Golfers Caddy will hook real easy on your golf bag using the little mountain climbers clippie thing. Now here a couple of things I like about the caddy. I don't know about you but I hate putting my hand in my pocket to get my ball marker and gouge my danged finger with the sharp end of a gosh darned tee...ya know what I mean? Well on the back of The Caddy is a little mesh pocket where you can carry you tees...no more gouging!

The next thing is if you play like I do, you loose a few balls during a round, and have to go to you bag...unzip a couple of pockets trying to find out which one you keep your golf balls in and by the time you find them, your pals are yelling at you to hurry up! Well take a look at the bottom of The Caddy...see that ball peaking out? Well instead of having to unzip a dozen pockets on your golf bag to find a dang ball, all you have to do is squeeze the bottom of The Caddy and out pops a ball!

I live in the south...and it gets pretty danged hot down here in the summer, which means we tend to sweat a lot, at least I do. I hate trying to keep my score on a sweat soaked score card I have been carrying in my hip pocket. Bingo! The Caddy has a easy to access pocket right in front where you can keep your score card dry!

Ya gotta take a look at The Golfer's Caddy...especially if you are a company or a charity group who's looking for something different as a "golfers gift" at you next golf outing. Here's what I want you to do...CLICK HERE and go over to Forte Promo's place and get yourself one of these! I'll tell Teresa to keep an eye out for ya.

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