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999 Questions of The Rules of Golf

Hello, Niles here to talk about the rules of golf...it has been quite sometime since I have been asked to appear on Scruffy’s Word and on this occasion, I am quite happy to tell about my pal Barry Rhodes.  Unlike me, Barry is an enthusiastic golfer.

As you know, I dislike the silly game and have yet to strike at a ball in hopes that it will sail off into the wild blue yonder landing precisely where I hoped it would, and then upon opening my eyes realize, it in fact, landed in amongst a grove of trees.

On the other hand, much like myself, Barry is obsessed with the rules of golf.  Firstly let me say that given the fact he resides in Ireland should not be recorded in the debit column of his ledger. Barry’s obsession for the rules of golf has driven him not only nuts…it has inspired him to write a book called 999 Questions on the Rules of Golf.

It should come as no surprise that the average golfer gives up several strokes per year merely because they do not possess  sufficient understanding of the Rules of Golf. 
999 Questions is a fun and easy way to learn them.... Barry has come up with a way of explaining rules situations that will not only entertain the reader...it will educate him or her and help make them a better golfer.

I highly recommend your purchase a copy for yourself and one for your golfing pal, it makes an excellent gift. I assure you that it will pay for itself in the first few months after reading it. Keep a copy in the grill room at your Club...in fact purchase two or three...they will get worn out from use.

Barry has promised me he will send you a personally autographed copy of his new hit book.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE to visit his site and send him an email.  Be sure to tell him Niles sent you.


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