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Divot Tool/Key Ring

Scruffy knows how danged particular I am about knuckle dragging fat heads that won't fix a gull darned divot if their mother's honor depended on it...so when he was asked to do a review on this little gadget, he gave me a call.

I gotta tell ya...this is the first divot tool key ring I have ever seen and I bet you haven't seen one either. If you own a business or if you direct a charity golfing event and you're lookin for something out of the ordinary to give to your clients or supporters, this is the perfect gadget. 

Take a look at this photo and you will see exactly where your logo can be.
Every time your customer goes to fix a divot, [his or some other meat head made and did not fix] they will be reminded of your company or event! Plus you will be making me happy, because I get about as angry as a bull at the color of red when I see a dang divot left by some thoughtless hack who has no respect for the golf course or other golfers!

So here's what I need for you to do.  Go over to my pals over at Forte Promotions and ask them to set you up with your promotional Divot Tool/Key Ring with your company's or charity's logo.  They are good people and will be happy t0o help ya.  You will also be doing your part in helping those knuckle dragging meat head never fix a divot hacks break their nasty habit! 

NOW GET GOING!   Don't make me have to tell you twice!  

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mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said...

They're the ones who made the TGS tees!