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Chicken Soup for The Soul - The Golf Book

Hello, I am Dr. Sal. As a kid when you were feeling sick, do you remember your mother or your grandmother saying…”what you need is some chicken soup to make you fell better.” And whether you agreed or not, the next thing that was jammed into your mouth was a medicinal spoonful of warm chicken soup…one parts chicken bits and eight parts chicken broth.

Fortunately, for me, I sort of liked chicken soup and seldom rejected the loving remedy. To this day when I am not feeling up to par, I can hear the gentle inner voice of my
mom saying…”eat some chicken soup, it will do you good!” And it still does.

Now chicken soup is not only good for what ails you; it can
also be good for your soul, which is what I am here to talk to you about. The other day, I got a nice email from Haydee asking if I would consider doing a review of a new book and posting it on Scruffy’s Word. Since the word golf was mentioned, I gladly accepted! A few days later, my personal copy arrived in the mail.

The folks at Chicken Soup for
the Soul have teamed up with Golf Digest to put together 101 short stories called Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Golf Book by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Max Alder. Once I started reading I could not put the book down…each story is written by folks just like you and me, who have had personal experiences that touched their golf soul or their spiritual soul [some will argue that the golf and spiritual souls are one in the same].

Each chapter is a short essay of something or someone who touched the soul of the writer. As I sat in my favorite rockin chair on my front porch, I opened the book and my eyes began absorbing the words. Almost immediately, my mind took me to into the experience and passions of the writer sharing their story and the next thing I knew, life was good!

This book is like medicine, because the next time the rigors of everyday life, or a frustrating day on the golf course gets you down…find a quite place to be comfortable and pick up this book and start your therapy. Each chapter/essay is like a spoonful of your mother’s chicken soup. No matter if you start reading, the first spoonful, “Coming Back” or the fifty-sixth spoonful “The Six Stages of Golf Grief”, or the ninety-first spoonful, “Embracing Mediocrity” Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Golf Book is good for what ails you!

Buy this book…you need this book!

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