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Homes For Our Troops

Hey! Listen up you bunch of hammer swingin, finger mashing, 2X4 studetts! I got somethin to tell ya!

My pal John Gonsalves, needs your help! John is a construction supervisor up in Massachusets...now, jest 'cause he's a Yankee, don't ya'll hold that against him, 'cause what I am about to tell you makes him an honorary Southerner! Ya got that? Anyways...where was I...oh yeah, John saw a news story about a soldier that lost both his legs over in Iraq. So, ole John got to wonderin how our these American Heroes would be able to adapt their homes to their new challenges.

John didn't jest sit around on his butt thinking what a shame and hoping the government would take care of the guy...he got off his duffel bag and went to work. He started visiting veteran homes and gettin to know the soldiers who had come home without limbs and learning what they needed.

Then he went to work! I want you to get in touch with John and find out how you can help! Click on the banner below and read the complete story about Homes For Our Troops. No matter where you live, you can help!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome organization! Homes for Our Troops has given around 40 totally disabled veterans a specially adapted home for the veteran and his family, and is building more as fast as they can - 20 or more very year! Hope every American will do what they can to help our deserving veterans and thank them for their service.