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Who's Goin'a be a Hero at the Celtic Manor Resort Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is always a highlight in golf for me and the pals. Dr. Sal is not too happy with Captian Pavin for giving in to the pressurers of the media and sponsors and picking Tiger. Tiger has never, and will probably not this series, contribute anything except attention and hype. Lately this seems all he is capable of doing. Dr. said he cannot go with Tiger, so he is putting his money on Zach Johnson.

Both the US and European teams are heavy with strong talent. The pals and I were sitting around with a few beers the other evening yapping about who we though would be the hero this year. Hoss and I favor Jim Furyk, Knothead likes Matt Kuchar, Crash likes Dustin Johnson, Looper thinks Buba Watson will play well, Fr. O'Mulligan said he is praying for Tiger. Not sure if he is pray'n for him to play well or someting else! Count is a big fan of Cink [imagine that], Sarge is rootn for Steve Stricker and wishes Flower would get a dang hair cut and quit wearing his dadblamed hat down over his danged ears!

Niles is root'n for the European guys...we made him buy another round of drinks. Buggsey likes Phil Mickelson, if he can keep the ball in play. Uncle Jess did not know there was a Ryder Cup, but picked Hunter Mahan because he reckoned with a name like Hunter he had to be good...we made him buy two rounds. Sweet Swingin Ray said he picks Jeff Overton. Since he just joined the pals, we told him we thought he should order a couple of pizzas. He said he would if someone else would carry them...claims it is hard to carry stuff with a Calloway Driver for an arm.

We hope ya'll enjoy the Ryder Cup; we know we will.

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From my concern this seems to be very sad news from your side but you must learn to judge persons in your life.

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