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Ryder Cup's "Cavin Pavin" Captian

Ryder Cup Captain Cory Pavin's pick of Tiger disappoints me, but does not surprise me. It seems pretty obvious that since he [Tiger], was caught using his putter in places where he was not a member, has been drifting along spending the capital of his past achievement to stay in the media's and sponsor's spotlight. His play of late, certainly does not reflect Ryder Cup standards and when it comes to honor and character he is bankrupt.

Corey's pick cheapens the Ryder Cup and slaps the face of those who hold character and honor as being the mortar that bonds the game of golf together. What possible asset does Tiger bring to the Ryder Cup other than playing the equivalent roll of a two headed cow at a state fair used to attract customers. The "T" in Tiger certainly does not imply "team".

Perhaps Corey is banking on Tigers aura of intimidation as the asset he brings to the team. If Tiger still emits an aura, its reach is no longer than the length of his putter. Was Corey was under tremendous pressure from those who stand to profit from the commercial side of The Ryder Cup and he caved?

In my view the answer is an obvious yes.

1 comment:

David said...

I have to agree with you. Not only has Tiger been playing the wrong course, his tournament play has been pedestrian.

I think he has been a distraction all year and should not have been rewarded with an invite to the Ryder Cup.

Shame on you Corey Pavin