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Congratulations Padraig

On behalf of all the pals, congratulations to Padraig! You are a worthy Champion!

Cheers again from Niles, Scruffy’s English pal.

Each year, Scruffy invites me to chat with you about The Open Championship, the most anticipated contest in golf, which is being played July 19 thru 22, on arguably the most difficult course on the planet. If you have any doubt about its difficulty...just ask Jean van de Velde who, while wading around in the Barry Burn, engraved his name in golf history during a play-off in the 1999 Open Championship.

The Open, as the Brits love to call it, is the oldest championship of golf.
Beginning with the first champion
Willie Park (Oct. 17, 1860)when the field was just eight strong.

Old Tom Morris
who still holds the record for being the oldest contestant to claim victory, (1867 at 46 yr. 99 days)

Young Tom Morris,
the youngest victor to date (1868 ad 17 yr. 5 mo. 3 days)

Tiger Woods
the defending champion in this year's contest.

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your complete commentary is great i had not time to catch up i was in hospital for a little while and this has been really great for me!

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