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Sweet Swingin Ray

Let me introduce you to Scruffy's newest pal. A few months ago, I wrote an article about the Georgia State Amputee Golf Association's annual golf tournament, called The Ray Rice Memorial State Amputee Golf Tournament. Writing that article opened my eyes to a level of human strength that is beyond most of our abilities to comprehend.

I learned that many of the amputee's who play golf were not golfers prior to becoming an amputee. They became golfers because golf is an excellent tool for rehab. There is something about trying to master the game of golf that draws most of us and challenges our inner self to the point we care little about anything else but mastering the danged game. It is that mystical quality of golf that helps amputees focus on something that challenges them beyond the obvious "now what am I going to do" that must seep into one's inner core when faced with not having a limb.

I was asked to draw a amputee character to be auctioned off at their annual golf tournament held the first weekend after the 4th of July. The grandson of Ray Rice, the founder of the tournament (deceased) bought the original drawing and the name selected for the character was "Sweet Swingin Ray". Scruffy and all the pals are honored to have Sweet Swingin Ray as their new pal. You will be reading more about him in the near future.

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